La nostra PNEI




“The great question of PNEI”
relates to the links that exist between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems: connections that are revolutionising the world of medicine and of knowledge generally. The science that studies these relationships is Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI).



This science explains how the psyche is able to influence, at the same time, the nervous, endocrine and immune systems and how these systems can influence the psyche in return.

This influence is achieved through a sort of dialogue whose words are represented by special molecules (and also by a special sort of energy) that have the task to transmit, in fact, various types of messages (energetic-biologic network). These are messages that recognise our lifestyle as the original source: the new PNEI paradigm in fact demonstrates how our organism is connected not only internally but also with everything around it. And in all this our skin represents the boundary/non-boundary between what is on the inside and what is on the outside.





La PNEI cosmesi



PNEI Cosmesi is the realisation of an in-depth scientific project dedicated to the search for the roots of personal wellbeing.
The extraordinary opening of the dermocosmetics to this issue is linked to the fact that the SKIN represents a nervous-endocrine-immune systems of fundamental significance and therefore it plays a part in the communication network between the great systems.
PNEI emphasises the relationships between the skin and the other systems and the complexity of factors (lifestyle first of all) that influence its functions and therefore the wellbeing of the skin itself. If it is true that the nervous, endocrine and immune systems are able to influence skin trophism, it is also true that the skin – and therefore a set of suitable skin treatments – can have an impact on all three systems.
All this leads to the belief that the issue of wellbeing has solid neurochemical roots and that what we call psychological nature is nothing more than a set of physical-chemical processes.
It is then clear that the disconnection of this dialogue can lead to systemic alterations – and therefore also affecting the skin – of relevant significance, a disconnection that needs to be prevented through an approach that has solid roots in cosmetics and wellbeing.




Eco Dermo Cosmesi




PNEI cosmetics are dermo-compatible and environmentally friendly, given that they are formulated, developed and produced respecting both the skin onto which they are applied, and the environment.
ECO because the substance is environmentally sustainable, i.e., its impact on the environment is the lowest possible.

DERMO because the cosmetics are made whilst fully respecting the ecosystem of the skin and seeks to maintain or restore the physiology and homeostasis of the skin.

Therefore, the creation of PNEI cosmetics leads to a product that combines the action of preserving the integrity of the skin with caring for and respecting the environment in which we live.

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