The PNEI cosmetic is applied to the skin. The skin is the PNEI portal. PNEI is nothing other than the connection between the three great systems of our organism: the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. The three systems have an impact on the psyche so as the psyche has an impact on these three systems.

The three systems, the nervous system represented by the Melanocytes, the endocrine system represented by the Odland bodies, the immune system represented by the Langerhans cells, are present in the skin and in particular in the epidermis.

PNEI Cosmesi has the task to interact with the three systems present at skin level, which in turn interacts with the three systems throughout the organism and which, together, interact with the psyche. All this thanks to the combination, complexation and the conveyance of molecules.

The reference element for PNEI Cosmesi is the PNEI Complex.

The PNEI Complex is formed by the complexation of peptides, phospholipids and aloin. This complex interacts with the three great systems in the human organism (the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system). And everything starts from the skin.